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$40 off Hot New Pink Clarisonic Aria Coupon

Pink Clarisonic Aria Coupons are available.  The brand new pink Clarisonic Aria sonic skin cleansing system is hot and just released for this fall of 2013.  It’s the same Clarisonic Aria that was currently available in Red, Black and white, but now it’s available in Pink.  The Clarisonic Aria sonic skin cleansing system offers three customizable speeds that include a low speed, medium speed and high speed.  It has a T-timer that is adjustable for 1 minute or 2 minutes.  You only have to use your Aria for 60 seconds a day for a cleaner face and healthier more beautiful skin.   The Aria also includes a dual functioning stand that can be used in the shower.  If you haven’t read any of my previous blogs this is one of the reason why I love the Clarisonic Aria.  It’s charged via a USB enabled pLink charger, so it’s easy for travel and yes you can charge the Aria with your laptop!  It also has a real time battery life indicator, which none of the other Clarisonic units have, so you always know how much power you have left before it’s too late.  The  Aria ships with the Clarisonic refreshing gel cleanser and a sensitive brush head.

Now the Clarisonic Aria pink deals range from $5 off to a full 20 percent or $40 off.  No one seems to have a ton of Pink Clarisonic Aria stock, so I would decide quickly if you have to have a pink Aria.  You can save $5 off with Clarisonic free shipping at $5 off Clarisonic Coupons.  The second Pink Aria option for savings is 15% off coupon ($30 off) is available at 15% off Clarisisonic Aria Pink Coupon.  5 left in stock at this price is what it’s showing.  Finally the final deal and best savings on a Pink Aria is $40 off with clarisonic free delivery included, by using the coupon code at Pink Clarisonic Aria Coupon.  Now if you don’t have to have pink colored Aria, you can get a better deal than $40 off with free shipping.  It’s not a much better deal but it’s still cheaper if your willing to go with the Black Clarisonic Aria or the White Clarisonic Aria.  The White one is available for $156 and the black Clarisonic Aria is only $151 with a few left.  Both the white and Black Aria deals are available at Clarisonic Aria Coupons.  The black is cheaper and I’ve seen a few of them in the store and it’s pretty sharp and sleek looking.  Going price for an Aria if you don’t take advantage of any of the discounts I mentioned or you miss out on them is $199.