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20% off Clarisonic Smart coupons

20 percent off off Clarisonic Smart coupon code is still available at Clarisonic coupons.  In addition to 20% off the Clarisonic Smart, all Clarisonic models, accessories and replacement brush heads are also 20% off with the same coupon at Clarisonic coupons.  I touched on the Clarisonic Smart a little in my last blog, but I thought I would write a broader review of the new Clarisonic smart.  The Clarisonic smart is an upgraded Clarisonic Plus.  The Plus actually looks like it is being replaced by the Smart, but I still see quite a few vendors selling through the Plus model.  The latest Smart model now offers four speeds versus the 3 speeds in the plus.  If your familiar with the Pro, it had 4 speeds as well, but wasn’t sold at the consumer level.

Along with the extra 4th speed the Smart incorporates Clarisonic’s new Smart technology.  It also has a new and upgraded easy to use user interface and a much longer battery life than previous units.  The new Smart technology gives you the smart option that reads their new smart enabled brush heads.  The Clarisonic Smart can read the new smart enabled brush heads to automatically adjust between gentle and deep cleansing, giving you the ultimate head to toe experience.  The chip enabled brush allows the base to communicate which also allows for customized cleansing for all skin types.  The Smart also offers a full head replacement indicator that simply lights up, letting you know that it needs to be changed.  With daily use, you will need to change the head about once every 3 months.  The Turbo speed on the Smart will give you up to 11x more makeup removal power compared to washing by hand.  The only bad news I have about the smart is that it retails for $265.  This is $30 more than the plus, but it’s worth it in my opinion.  If you take advantage of the 20% off Clarisonic coupon code and free shipping, it will cost you just over $200.