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20% off Clarisonic Coupon code

It’s back until April 7th 2015 at Clarisonic coupons.  A full 20 percent off any Clarisonic Device model, any Clarisonic cleanser and Any Clarisonic replacement brushes.  Only exception to this coupon that I saw is that you can’t use it to save $20 off the $99 Clarisonic Mia.  Oh sorry I just noticed another exclusion.  The limited edition Kate Somerville Clarisonic deal that I wrote about in my last blog “Kate Somerville Clarisonic coupon” is also excluded from the 20% off.

The coupon for carries the complete lineup of Clarisonic devices, replacement brushes, cleansers and treatments.  They are a authorized reseller and they seem to have all the available colors and limited edition print and pattern value sets.  Yes the value sets that usually include a free bonus replacement brush and a larger bottle of Clarisonic cleanser for the same price as non value sets are also included in the 20 percent savings.  I did notice that that anyone looking for a Clarisonic plus coupon will be out of luck.  You will have to use this coupon as a Clarisonic Smart profile coupon instead.  The 3 speed Clarisonic Plus is no longer available.  It’s out of stock and you will have to go with the newer 4 speed Clarisonic Smart profile that has replaced the Plus.  The Smart profile does cost a few extra bucks at $265, but you get their new Smart Technology, a fourth speed and full 3 year warranty now.  It’s a great deal and a much better unit than the Plus was.  At 20% off it will cost you just over $200 after the $53 discount.