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August 2015 Clarisonic Coupons

It’s a new month and there are new Clarisonic coupon codes available at Clarisonic coupons.  This months top Clarisonic deal is a $20 to $50 off.  The savings is a tiered savings with this latest coupon, so how it works is save $20 off if your ordering Clarisonic products that fall between $100 to $199.  It doesn’t have to be one item, it’s a total order price.  That means that it doesn’t even have to be all Clarisonic stuff. This coupon also does not exclude the Clarisonic Mia the retails for $99.  The savings on orders under a $100 is actually $10 off, plus free shipping of course.  If your looking for a Mia 1 at $99, you simply need to add something to your cart and use the Clarisonic coupon to save $20 instead of $10.  I recommend the makeup pencil sharpener that cost $4 under the cosmetic tools section.  Spend an extra $4 to save $6 is a pretty good deal.

This same trick can be used if your looking for a Mia 3 coupon.  The Mia 3 retails for $199.  When I tried the coupon code, it will only give you $20 off.  You will have to add $1 to your order total and then check out using the coupon code.  This will give you a full $50 off, which pretty much works out to be about a 25% savings.  That is a huge discount.  I am a little short on time today, but Clarisonic has a new product for men called the alpha fit.  It retails for $189.  Clarisonic is a must have and I already know lots of men that use a clarisonic, but the Alpha fit is for men.  I will give a full review of the Alpha Fit in my next blog.