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20% off Clarisonic Coupons are Back Once Again

The 20 percent off Clarisonic Coupons are back once again at Clarisonic Coupons.  In December it was amazing savings on Clarisonic with a couple of different 20 percent off Clarisonic Coupon codes available.  Then on Jan 15 I wrote a blog “New Clarisonic Coupons to replace Top expired Clarisonic Coupons” about how the 20% off dropped to 15% off coupons that were available at Clarisonic Coupon Codes.  Well the 20 percent off is back and you have until Feb 12 2013 to take advantage.  I wasn’t sure if we would see 2013 Clarisonic coupons for a full 20 percent off.  This is the best deal you will find anywhere on Clarionsic Skin Cleansing systems.  I have checked a ton of websites that carry Clarisonic and even if you compare prices at, you still can’t come close to the 20% off.   In addition to the 20 percent off, it’s worth a mention that the $20 off coupons for the Clarisonic Aria, Clarisonic Mia and Clarisonic Mia 2 are also still available.  Don’t feel bad if you used one of these coupons last week, because you still got a great deal.  Not quite as good as a full 20% off, but close enough in my opinion.

Clarisonic coupons have been really abundant since December and I hope that they continue.  You still have about a week to save and use one of the available coupons.  If you happen to read this blog later then a week, I recommend double checking to see if the Clarisonic sale has been extended at Clarisonic Coupons.  If they have not been extended, I’m sure you will find a newer deal that may be similar.  Read my newer blogs, because as soon as a good deal pops up I will blog about it.  Worst case scenario is that no money saving deals are available, at which point I would wait a week or so.  I look for new deals everyday for the last 6 months and history has shown that almost every week a new Clarisonic Coupon gets posted.  I would not settle for anything less the 15% off, possible 10% off because if you check back here, I’m positive there is a deal somewhere that I have found.  Clarisonic free shipping is also a given in my books and is included in all the deals I have mentioned.  Current Clarisonic Skin cleansing system users, should take advantage of this 20 percent off savings and stock up on some replacement head brushes.  There is now a 4 pack available for $75 which is only $60 with the discount and that’s enough replacement Clarisonic brush heads for full year.

Final thought is I want to apologize for anyone that was unable to read this blog this morning.  Unfortunately Word Press went crazy on me this morning and it took me from 10 am to just now to get it back up and running.