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Best Clarisonic Coupons Deal

The best Clarisonic coupons deal depends on which Clarisonic Skin cleansing system that your looking for, but my opinion is the Clarisonic Pro savings at Clarisonic Pro Coupons.  I posted an update only two weeks ago outlining the Top Clarisonic Coupons available from over two dozen Clarisonic vendors that I check, but there have been a few changes.  I’m going to start with the Clarisonic Pro Discounts, since I have picked it as my Clarisonic deal of choice.  If you use the deal link I provided above for the Clarisonic Pro, you can get a Pro for face and body for $179.40 with Clarisonic free shipping included.  This is the top of the line Clarisonic skin cleansing system that is used by professionals and it’s the only unit that has 4 speeds.  The similar Consumer model is the Clarisonic Plus which will end up costing you the exact or a couple dollar mores if you use the 20 percent off coupon at Clarisonic Coupons.  The warranty on the Clarisonic Pro is also a year longer, so it makes no sense to pay more or even the same for a Plus that has one less speed.

Now I understand that the Plus and Pro units are larger than the Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Clarisonic Aria.  I personally don’t think it’s that much larger to travel with but I understand it would be easier to choose one of the other models for people that travel.  You may also not need all the speeds and body option, so why spend the extra money.  The Clarisonic Aria in my opinion is the best for someone that travels a lot because it has a battery life indicator and comes with a USB enabled plink charger for travel use.  It’s also like the Clarisonic Plus with 3 speeds only it has a way sleeker and better looking design than the Clarisonic Plus.  The best pricing on the Aria is $160 with coupon for 20 percent off at Clarisonic Coupons.

Now if your looking for the smallest Clarisonic units and not looking to spend over $150 you can get the same facial cleaning power for under a $100 with the Mia or the Clarisonic Mia 2 for $120.  Both the Mia and Mia 2 are easy to travel with because of their size.  The Mia has only one speed, while the Mia 2 offers two speeds and also comes with a plink international charger.  For the prices I just mentioned you will have to use one of the coupons found on front page of this blog at or use the 20 percent off savings for either models at Clarisonic Coupons.  My final note and I will comment more about in a future blog due to time is that I have received emails about Pretika, which is a similar product.  You can find more info at Pretika Sonic Dermbrasion device.  You should make up your own mind on what you will think works for you, so I am more than happy to mention any product in my blogs.  The Pretika is cheaper and if a Clarisonic is just not in the budget than go with a Pretika.  The issue with the Pretika from what I have read and reviews is that it is a rougher unit on your skin.  They claim a sonic technology but it’s actually a spinning brush the scrubs your face that is doing most of the work.  It’s not deep cleansing rather scrubbing.  Clarisonic is deep cleaning, soft and gentle.  They are about half the price of Mia, but a Mia will last you years.  The Pretika battery appears to be a problem and it uses a cordless telephone type battery.  After you replace the battery and deal with the hassle within the first year you have it, you would have spent the same amount as what a Mia would have cost you.  I have never used a Pretika, so this is my opinion.  There are a ton of negative reviews for the Pretika.