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Free Stuff and 20% off Clarisonic Coupons

I was going to mention the 20% off Clarisonic coupon code at Clarisonic Coupons is about to end today, but don’t worry because a brand new 20% off Clarisonic Coupon code was just posted today at Clarisonic Coupon codes which runs until the end of the month.  It’s not just 20 percent off, but you also get a free Clarisonic gift with the purchase of any Clarisonic Skin cleansing system and Clarisonic free shipping.  The free gift which is on top of the 20 percent off and free shipping is a free Clarisonic Black Lace bag.  Also in the free lace bag is an extra normal brush head making the total value of the free gift $45.  So 20 percent off and the free $45 value gift.  This free gift is only while supplies last, so jump on it.  Once they are out of bags you will still continue to receive the 20 percent off and Clarisonic free shipping.

The 20% off any Clarisonic Skin cleansing system applies as a Clarisonic Mia Coupon, Clarisonic Mia 2 coupon, Clarisonic Aria coupon, Clarisonic Deep pore coupon and Clarisonic Plus coupon.  Oh yeah also includes all special edition and the new Clarisonic Pedi foot system.  I can guarantee that you won’t find a better Clarisonic deal then the discount that I just mentioned.  Up until last week there were a few better deals with savings slightly over 20% on select clarisonic models and colors, but they have all disappeared.  I have in the posted a ton of deals at Clarisonic Amazon Coupons, that ranged from 15% off to as high as 25% off, but there is not a single discount to found there right now.  It’s okay because at 20 percent off is about as cheap as your going to find a Clarisonic at any given time.

Here is Clarisonic pricing with the 20% off and free shipping : As a Clarisonic Mia coupon, you save $25 and pay $100.  As a Clarisonic Mia 2 coupon you save $30 and pay $120.  As a Clarisonic Aria Coupon you save $40 and pay $160.  As a Clarisonic Plus coupon you save $45 and pay only $175 for a Plus.  The savings on the latest Clarisonic Pedi is $40 and the Clarisonic Deep pore solution savings is a full $34 off.  I think the biggest deal that is gone is the Clarisonic Pro coupon that was available for such a long time.  You could have got the Clarisonic Pro for $180.  That’s is the same price as the Clarisonic Plus, but the unit is one level up with 4 speeds for the same price.  Regardless of the color your looking for and the model your looking for they are all available and nothing is excluded from the 20% off.  This coupon code also includes any Clarisonic cleansers, Clarisonic accessories like the body handle extension and replacement clarisonic brush heads.


$25-$50 off Clarisonic Coupons and New Clarisonic Pedi Coupons

There has been a ton of October 2013 Clarisonic coupon changes this week.  It looks like many of the top Clarisonic coupons that I mentioned last week are expired, but thankfully a new 20% off Clarisonic coupon code has been made available at Clarisonic Coupons.  This is 20 percent off any Clarisonic skin cleansing system is the top money saving clarisonic coupon that is available out of the 2 dozen Clarisonic vendors that I have checked.  The savings are not quite as good as last weeks, but the difference is literally a couple of bucks.  So the bottom line here is that if your looking for a Clarisonic Mia coupon and use the 20% off coupon you will save $25 off and pay $100 with Clarisonic Free shipping.  If your looking for a Clarisonic Mia 2 coupon and use the 20% off coupon you will save $30 off and pay $120 with Clarisonic Free shipping.  If your looking for a Clarisonic Aria coupon and us the 20% off coupon you will save $40 and pay $160 with free shipping.  If your looking for a Clarisonic Plus coupon and use the coupon code you will save $45 and pay $180 including free shipping.

The Clarisonic Plus is the biggest change from last week, because if you read any of my previous blogs about Clarisonic Pro coupons that are no longer available at this time, had the Clarisonic Pro discounted to $180.  You get an extra speed with the Pro for the same price, making it a much better deal for anyone looking to save on a Clarisonic plus.  If your not looking for a Plus system, the savings with the 20% discount are essentially the same as the savings available last week.

Now there is a new Clarisonic System that has just been released that I need to mention.  It’s the brand new Clarisonic Pedi.  The brand new Clarisonic Pedi sonic foot transformation is a Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing device designed to just for your feet.  It’s designed to work on and transform your rough toes and dry heels into beautiful smooth feet.  The Clarisonic Pedi will help you soften, smooth and rehydrate your dry heels and toes.  It uses a pedi wet/dry buffing brush head and a pedi smoothing disc head on the Clarisonic pedi device, which looks like a Clarisonic Mia 2.  The cost of the Clarisonic Pedi s $199 for the bundle that includes Clarisonic full treatment products plus the device.  Clarisonic treatment consist of Pedi-buff sonic foot treatment, pedi balm sonic foot softening treatment and the pedi boost sonic foot renewing peel treatment.   Your feet will be 10x smoother than you can get them by manual buffing them.  Great news here is that you can save $40 off the brand new Clarisonic Pedi including free shipping with the 20% off coupon at Clarisonic Pedi Coupons.  Important not is that the Pedi device is designed specifically for your feet and the heads are not interchangeable with Clarisonic Skin cleansing systems.  As soon as I get a chance I will write a full Clarisoinc Pedi blog with more detailed information on how it works and what you can or can’t do with it.  I know that many people use their Clarisonic Plus on their feet now with great results.

Top October 2013 Clarisonic Coupons

It’s October and the top October Clarisonic coupons are very similar to last months Clarisonic Coupons.  The one coupon for 20 percent off Clarisonic coupon code is expiring in less then two days at Clarisonic Coupons.  Don’t worry there are better Clarisonic deals then 20 percent off that I have found on every Clarisonic skin cleansing system model that they make.  First off this months top Clarisonic Mia coupons will get you a Clarisonic Mia for under $100 with Clarisonic Free shipping included.  There is limited stock, so I will keep you posted, but as of right now there are 10 pink Clarisonic Mia at only $95 and 13 white Clarisonic Mia at $99 with coupon at Clarisonic Mia Coupons.

The top Clarisonic Mia 2 deals has the white Mia 2 device for under a $100 at $97.99 or the pink mia 2 for $102.99 by taking advantage of this deal at Clarisonic Mia 2 coupons.  There is no stock available listed, so I have no idea how long this is going to last.  At this price I would you might as well skip the Clarisonic mia and go with a Mia 2.

Top Clarisonic Aria savings at Clarisonic Aria Coupons has a long list of deals again this month.  The Aria ranges from $145 to $155 depending on the color Aria that you want with free shipping included.  If your looking for the best designed Clarisonic Skin cleansing system, it will be the Aria model.  It also has a built in charge indicator that everyone loves and three speeds.

Now if your looking for the top of the line Clarisonic Plus or Clarisonic Pro, there are a couple of options.  If you have read any of my previous blogs I always recommend using the 20% off Clarisonic Pro coupon listed at Clarisonic Coupons.  The price that you end up paying for a Clarisonic Pro with this coupon ranges from $170 to $180 depending on the color your looking for.  Also when I just checked it out, they still have the Clarisonic Pro in the limited edition edition Lavender color, plus free extension handle for $176.  Lavender is my favorite color by Clarisonic, so I had to mention it.  The Clarisonic Plus deals will cost you the same price, so why not take advantage of the more powerful Clarisonic Pro which has one extra speed and includes the Clarisonic Body Extension.  There is one exception that I would consider which is the Clarisonic Plus coupon that is also posted at Clarisonic Coupons.   It’s a clarisonic coupon code for $60 off the Clarisonic Plus Extra Value set in Turquoise color.  With the discount you will pay $165 with clarisonic free shipping included.  This extra value set is worth considering because it includes a bunch of extra brushes.  You get 2 sensitive face brush heads, a spot therapy brush head, deep pore brush head and a Acne Brush head in this value package.  The alternative is to just go with a Pro and buy the brushes at Clarisonic Brush Coupons.  No where will you find a cheaper place for replacement Clarisonic brush heads.  They are about $5 a brush head on any style here, as opposed to 15 – 20 bucks a brush head everywhere else.