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20% Clarisonic coupon expiring

Just a head up that the latest 20 percent off Clarisonic coupon code at Clarisonic coupons is about to expire.  You only have until the end of this upcoming weekend to save 20% off.  20% off savings is the top savings you are going to find on a Clarisonic skin cleansing device.  This coupon includes all the models except for the $99 Clarisonic Mia.  It also includes Clarisonic free shipping.  Read my last blog if you want more info, but it’s pretty straight forward. 20% off with the coupon at Clarisonic coupons until Monday only.

Another heads up for a Clarisonic deal is the brush sale coupon at Clarisonic coupons.  This one if for everyone that already uses Clarisonic.  They are having a huge brush sale and you get 20% off.  I know I just mentioned the 20% off Clarisonic, but this one is not just 20% off, because there are additional savings on select brushes.  Additional savings of $10 on Duo Sensitive brush head, Clarisonic deep pore Duo brush head pack, duo normal brush head pack and duo Acne cleansing brush head pack.  This is $10 off before the additional 20% off and free shipping.  Also all the four packs are additional $35 off, plus the extra 20% off until November 1.  A four pack will last you for a whole year.

New October 20% off Clarisonic Coupon Code

There is a new October 2014 Clarisonic coupon code at Clarisonic coupons for a full 20 percent savings.  Like previously available Clarisonic coupons and sales that I have blogged about in the past, this 20% off coupon code applies to all Clarisonic Skin cleansing devices except for the Clarisonic Mia.  It also works as a Clarisonic Opal coupon, Clarisonic Pedi coupon and even as a Clarisonic Sonic Radiance coupon.  Also included is Clarisonic free shipping.  I’m not done, if your already a proud Clarisonic owner and you need replacement brushes or Clarisonic cleanser/treatments, this coupon will save you 20% off on these Clarisonic items as well.  Now if your looking for a better deal, I don’t recall in the last 2 years where I have seen a larger discount than 20% off, so there is no point in waiting for a better deal.  FYI this includes Amazon.  Check for yourself at, if you don’t believe me.

For additional savings with this Clarisonic coupon code, check out the “Sets & Kits” section once you use the Clarisonic coupon.  Depending on the Clarisonic model your looking for, they may offer a value set that will work out to even more savings.  If your looking for a Clarisonic Plus coupon, they offer a Plus blue moon value set.  It’s the same price at $225 and the same 20% discount applies, but you get an additional free brush head, free refining skin polish and a free body brush extension.  The Mia 2 value sets available include the Coral value set and the Pink Leopard Value set.  Both these also cost the same as a non value set before discount, but they both include a extra free sensitive brush head and a full sized bottle of Clarisonic cleanser.   Finally there is a really good deal for anyone looking for a Clarisonic Mia 3 coupon.  The Mia 3 is the same as the Clarisonic Aria if your wondering.  Anyways this Mia 3 value set is a limited edition Rose color, that includes a free Clarisonic LUXE Cashmere Brush Head and a full sized bottle of Clarisonic Cleanser.  I highly recommend one of the value sets I just mentioned.  You can’t choose your color, but it’s a much better deal and the limited edition colors of the available value sets are quite nice in my opinion.

October Clarisonic Coupons

Save $20 to $50 off Clarisonic coupon code is available for October at Clarisonic Coupons.  The Clarisonic coupon code is a tiered pricing coupon, so depending on the Clarisonic device your looking for, the savings will range.  The only exclusion to this coupon is the Clarisonic Mia / Mia 1.  The price of Clarisonic Mia 1 is $99 and the coupon will not give you any cash discount.  It will give you a Clarisonic Free Shipping and a free gift.  The free gift is not mentioned on the coupon description, but i just tested it.  The free gift is a free Clarisonic Joy Barrel bag and cleansers that is valued at $28.  Now for any Clarisonic device that is priced between $100 and $200 you will save $20 off.   That includes the Mia 2 that retails for $149, the Clarisonic deep pore and Clarisonic Acne that retails for $169 and the Clarisonic Opal that retails for $185.  The Clarisonic Pedi System and Clarisonic Aria both retail for $199.  If you are looking for a Clarisonic Pedi coupon or Clarisonic Aria coupon, you need to add an additional item to your cart when using the Clarisonic coupon to make your order over $200.  The discount will jump from $20 off to a full $50 off.  If you don’t need any other skincare products, I recommend adding the pencil sharpener that cost $3, to make your order total over $200.  You can find it under the cosmetics section and then the tools subsection.  Spend an extra 3 bucks to save an extra $30 makes sense to me.

Finally if your looking for a Clarisonic Plus coupon, this Clarisonic coupon code will save you $50 off the $225 Plus skin care system. The best deal on the Clarisonic Plus system is their Plus Blue Moon value set.  It’s the same price at $225 before the $50 off, but you get a bonus bottle of skin refining polish, a free replacement brush head and a free Clarisonic body brush extension handle.  Shipping is free with this coupon on any device you decide to purchase.  I also should mention that the coupon is not just good on devices.  If your looking for Clarisonic product or a Clarisonic replacement brush head coupons because you already own a Clarisonic device, you will save $10 off and get free shipping on all orders under $100.  If it’s over $100 you will save $50 off.  Keep in mind that this is based on your total order value and it does not have to be Clarisonic products.  They carry over 300 of the top skin care brands and I know lots of people use their Clarisonic devices with other brands of cleansers and toners.