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20% off Clarisonic Mia coupon

New Clarisonic coupon has been made available at Clarisonic coupons.  It’s 20% off Clarisonic Mia coupon code.  Now the other day I blogged about a 20% off Clarisonic Mia coupon code, but it excluded the Clarisonic Mia which is regularly priced at $99.  Now it’s 20% off with Clarisonic free shipping included.  That means you can now get a Clarisonic Mia for $79, which is an amazing deal.

20% off Clarisonic and Proactive device

This blog is actually about the Proactiv Clarisonic rip off device, but I thought I would mention again that the 20% off Clarisonic coupon code is still available at Clarisonic coupons.  This applies to any Clarisonic device, clarisonic accessory, Clarisonic cleansers and even Clarisonic replacement brushes.  You have until June 30th to take advantage of this Clarisonic Coupon code.

I saw the Proactiv rip off brush on a TV add.  Basically if you order the proactiv kit, they were throwing in the Proactive brush.  Now this brush is nothing more than a cheap spinning pad. (my opinion before someone tries to sue me)  It’s very similar to a few of the other brushes on the market, including the popular Olay brush.  By the way I tried the Olay brush, which cost about $25.  It does work better and it’s easier than cleaning with a cloth or your hands, but these brushes are no where close to a Clarisonic.  The Clarisonic patented technology gives you a deep cleanse, that is proven.  This is why they cost more money.  The Clarisonic are also made to last.  They are not disposable, like the other brushes on the market.  It’s seems like it’s similar to the electric tooth brushes on the market.  You can get one for about $10 bucks, change the batteries a million times, and it will last you a few months only.  A good electronic tooth brush will last you for years and years and the only thing you will be changing are the heads.  After your own research, if you still think you want to save and go with a cheaper Clarisonic copy, you will find the cheapest price with free shipping on Olay, Proactiv and all the other brands at  I highly recommend a Clarisonic.  Millions of people can’t be wrong in my opinion.

Last day for 20% off Clarisonic coupon code

Last day for 20% off Clarisonic coupon code at Clarisonic coupons.  Not only is it 20% off Clarisonic devices, it’s on all Clarisonic brushes, cleansers and accessories as well.  The only Clarisonic device that is not included in this huge discount is the $99 Clarisonic Mia device.  Also as an added bonus, if your Clarisonic order is over $199, you will get a free Clarisonic gift of a bonus full size Clarisonic refreshing gel cleanser and a Royal Filgree Bag.

There are also a ton of new Clarisonic arrivals available.  They are showing a total of 24 new arrivals for Clarisonic at New Clarisonic Products.  If you use this direct link you will also get the 20% off and the free shipping on all Clarisonic products in their new arrival section.  Oh I forgot to mention that the Clarisonic Pedi system is also still 50% off with the coupon at Clarisonic coupons. It’s only $99 now compared to the regular price of $199.