March 2014 20% off Clarisonic Coupon Code

After a month there is a new 20% off Clarisonic Coupon code that I found at Clarisonic Coupons.  This one replaces last months $20 off $100+ and $50 off $200+ Clarisonic coupon code.  Depending on how you look at the 20% off it may not work out to be as much savings as last month’s top Clarisonic coupon.  This is true if you are looking for any of the following coupons: a Clarisonic Pedi coupons, a Clarisonic Aria coupon or a Clarisonic Plus coupon.  If you followed my instructions in my last blog “25% off Clarisonic Coupon“, I showed you how to make last months coupon into a 25% off saving for the Pedi System and on the Aria.

Well since the Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic Deep Pore and the Clarisonic Mia 2 skin cleansing system are probably the most popular with consumers, the 20% off Coupon code should be way more popular.  Clarisonic free shipping is included on all orders over $49 so regardless of the model your looking at, you will get the automatic free shipping on your order.  At a 20% off, it puts the $125 Clarisonic Mia right down into the $100 price point.  The next one up Clarisonic Mia that offers a second speed that is regularly $150 is now only $120 after $30 coupon discount.  As a Clarisonic Deep Pore coupon you save about $34 off the regular price of $169 at a final price of $135.   The discount on the Aria and Pedi system is $40 off at $160.  Like I mentioned previously the savings was $50 with previously expired coupon, but it’s close.  The Plus savings at 20% off is about $46, which is only a couple bucks more than last $50 off coupon.

This new savings is also better than last month’s deal if you are already a Clarisonic user and were looking for a Clarisonic brush coupon or Clarisonic accessory coupon.  No minimum on the 20% savings, so you can apply it to a single replacement brush head if you want and not have to worry about hitting a minimum order total.  You will have to watch out for the free shipping minimum which is $49.  Best Replacement brush savings is on the 4 pack for $75.  with the discount of 20% off you will pay $60 with shipping included, which works out to $15 per brush head.  A 4 pack will last you an entire year.  Also since I’m on the topic of brush heads, anyone that has a Mia 2 can convert it to a Clarisonic Deep pore.  The Deep pore is a Mia 2 that ships with a Deep pore brush and Clarisonic’s deep pore daily cleanser &Detoxifying Clay Mask.  You can purchase the brush with daily cleanser and clay mask for $69(before 20% off price). You can also just get a deep pore brush and use it with your current daily cleanser that your using for acne control.

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