20% Clarisonic coupon New for July

New July 2014 Clarisonic coupon code at Clarisonic coupons.  This one is for a full 20% off Clarisonic coupon code.  It replaces last one for $20 off and $50 off.  If you read my last blog you would have saved about $10  more on Clarisonic Aria or Clarisonic Pedi system, if you followed my instructions with the previous $50 off coupon.  Overall most purchasers will find this new 20% off coupon code a much better deal though.  That’s because it applies to the very popular Clarisonic Mia 2, which retails for $149.  Now if you use this 20% off code as a Clarisonic Mia 2 coupon you will save a full $30 off and get Clarisonic free shipping.  The other popular original Mia is on sale for $99, but you can’t use the 20% off on top of the new lower price of $99 and get it for $80.

Savings on a Aria system is $40 off, on the Pedi system is $40 off and on the Clarisonic Plus is $45 off.  You will qualify for Clarisonic free shipping with any Clarisonic skin cleansing system your going with.  I also recommend to do some browsing with the coupon at Clarisonic coupons, because they have some great value sets for the Plus, Aria and the Mia 2.  The value sets will limit you on the color selection, but they includes extra Clarisonic cleansers and extra replacement brushes for the same price as non value sets.  There is also a very popular Clarisonic Plus Blue Moon extra value set.  It sells for $300, so you will save $60 off.  It includes a body brush extension handle, a full size bottle of Clarisonic refining skin polish and 6 sensitive brush heads.  You won’t need to purchase replacement brush heads with this package for 2 years.  The Blue moon color is a really nice deep blue as well.

Finally anyone that has a Clarisonic, you can use the 20% off to save big on replacement brush heads that you may need and on Clarisonic cleansers and skin polish if your all out.  I can guarantee that you will not find a bigger Clarisonic savings than this 20% off coupon code.  You have only until the end of the month to take advantage of this deal.  It expires July 28th!

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